How do I make a referral to NQNS? 

A written referral from a health professional, case manager, HR manager or legal representative is required. Self-referral may be accepted under special circumstances. 
The referral letter must include:

  • personal details of client (ie., name, address, phone number and date of birth)

  • referrer’s details

  • clear reason for referral, &

  • a brief summary of history of presenting complaint/relevant background.

To discuss a referral please call 0418 717 211 or email info@nqns.com.au

How much will a neuropsychological assessment cost?

The cost of an assessment/report can very enormously depending on the nature of the referral, the complexity of the case and the time involved. A quote for an assessment will be made at the time of  referral. 

Can I make a claim through Medicare?

Unfortunately, neuropsychological services are not currently claimable through Medicare. However, some private health insurance companies provide rebates for psychological services, albeit the specialist testing phase of the assessment is not covered. Please contact your private health insurance provider to ascertain whether you are eligible for these entitlements. 

What if I can’t make my appointment?

Due to the lengthy nature of assessments, Deidre requests that clients cancel their appointment with three days working notice.  If you are unable to attend your appointment then please call to cancel or reschedule as soon as possible. If you have not cancelled with at least 24 hours notice a 50% cancellation fee will apply. A cancellation fee of 25% will be charged with 48 hours notice. 

Does NQNS have a Payment Policy?

In relation to private clients, full payment is required prior to the release of the report and feedback session. Payment by organisations is required within 14 days of invoice being issued. Payment can be made via cash, cheque or electronic funds transfer.

How does NQNS manage issues related to confidentiality?

All data, psychological notes and reports are maintained in a secure environment. The report will only be shared with the referrer. Information may be released to other parties once signed consent has been obtained from the client.

In compliance with the Code of Ethics of the Psychology Board of Australia, I am required to keep any information I am given confidential, except under the following circumstances: if I have been given written consent  by my client; if there is a legal obligation to do so; if there is an immediate and specified risk of harm to yourself or other individual (s); or if I believe that a child or an elder is being abused, neglected, or molested.

How should I prepare for the assessment?

You may be engaged in a face to face session with the neuropsychologist between 3-5 hours. It is therefore important to have something to eat before the assessment and bring a snack to the appointment. Also, it is necessary to bring reading glasses if required. 

Are we ndis registered?

Yes, Deidre is a registered provider for NDIS and often performs assessments and provides intervention for NDIS participants.